DATACENTER – Dedicated Solutions subsidiary

BCII’s operating subsidiary, Dedicated Solutions, can provide customer-specific hosting, CLOUD, and managed services solutions. Customers include many small as well as Inc 500 customers worldwide. The company also provides state-of-the-art and compelling software solutions for automated, lights-out, and auto-pilot support of customers’ IT infrastructures, helping run a customer’s business applications and systems environment with minimal technical staff support. Our offering provides customers with significant cost savings and faster and more agile responses, coupled with revenue-enhancing competitive advantages.

FINTECH – blockchain/crypto – Coin Analyst subsidiary

BCII’s operating subsidiary, Coin Analyst, provides AI-based market solutions for individual and financial institutions interested or trading in crypto coins. There are thousands of coins and exchanges but there is not a “Bloomberg Terminal”, as there is for stocks, to help guide investors with timely news and coin trading pricing, analysis, and predictive guidance. By continuously crawling the web through its AI engine, CoinAnalsyst provides such capabilities to both protect investors through early-alert information and to indicate opportunities for early investment decisions before they become obvious to everybody. Conversely to the company’s products and technologies for crawling the web to “pull” key information vectors for individual or institutional traders, there is a “push” capability to send out such information to the web at large for other traders to see and “pull” such information for their own decision making. This is comparable to a marketing and IR capability.

FINTECH – stocks – Stock Analyst subsidiary

Like BCII’s crypto/coin oriented operating subsidiary, a sister operating company, Stock Analyst, also provides AI-based market solutions for individual and financial institutions interested or trading in stocks — especially in the micro-cap space where investment information is hard to get. There are tens of thousands of such stocks that are “orphans”, but that can provide huge upside and investment opportunity. Our products can guide investors with timely news and stock trading pricing, analysis, and predictive guidance. Given that early information is the ultimate advantage in investment, Stock Analyst’s AI engine crawls the web to provide early-alerts to investors which might help protect against losses, or which might indicate opportunities for investment before they become obvious to others. Conversely to this “pull” capability of key information for individual or institutional trader action, there is a comparable “push” capability to send out such information to the web, which might then be “pulled” by other traders or investors, an effective marketing and IR-type function.

AI & BIG DATA – Elligens subsidiary

BCII’s Elligens operating subsidiary is focused on providing unique market solutions, through software, consulting, and services, to primarily larger companies and government organizations, including the special virtual-banking and digital-payments market segment. Our solutions are primarily related to advanced digital security and to the incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies into customers’ ERP, CRM, Brand Management/Sentiment Analysis, and Marketing platforms or activities. Key technologies in that regard include AI and BIG DATA analytics, actionable-information based functions, and blockchain technologies. In today’s competitive and security-risk environments, customers might better guarantee their digital security and market success, while also managing their downside-risk, if they could successfully and quickly turn their companies and corporate practices into a self-reflecting/self-analyzing “intelligent enterprise”.


AI-driven social-media-based marketing technology tools to provide customers with the ability to create marketing campaigns and to manage social media posts on all channels from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Xing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, to Google+ from a single dashboard interface, as well as monitor effectiveness of campaigns.

BCII Incubator

BCII’s INCUBATOR provides management, technology, business and enterprise building knowhow, as well as capital and other resources to non-majority-owned operating companies but that BCII executives can nevertheless control, for the purpose of incubating and growing them so that they might become future BCII majority-owned operating companies. Already, BCII INCUBATOR has a portfolio of such companies, including the Lifestyle/hospitality company, the Merakia Group and its QSR affiliate iSouvlaki (