About Us

BCII Enterprises is a publicly traded holding company, active in the market through various operating subsidiaries. We are focused on organizing or incubating, acquiring, growing, and at key points exiting highly scalable operating companies built around a set of “themes” in a select set of high-growth and high-value market sectors. While most of our target market sectors are high-tech and new-economy, we are also focused on fast-growth life-style niche sectors as well. Major “themes” and broad market sectors:



Our Company’s executives, principals, board directors, and advisors have many tens of years of international business development, company growth skillsets, and the requisite knowledge and experience for building sustainable enterprises in our target sectors — with contacts and expertise in our operating geographic venues and markets. Additionally, they have access and capital markets experience in both Wall St and other key world financial centers. They have expertise and are well positioned to develop our projects and operating subsidiaries, by providing organizational development services, financial and business-plan knowhow, business development and contacts and knowledge engaging for strategic alliances, and help in sales and revenue ramp-up. In short, they have the wherewithal to prepare the foundation of our operating subsidiaries to quickly become fast-growing enterprises, to anticipate and engineer key turning points and next-level milestones, and ready them for successful funding events, and M&A or IPO exits.

Our Core Values

Our Company, and its operating subsidiaries, our relationships, and our strategic alliances cannot develop without a long-term view and sustainable commitment. And the “long-term” cannot exist without a proven track record of integrity, honesty, and dedication to delivering on promises.

At the same time. the range of our operating businesses and growth markets requires a strong and sustaining vision and value-system, which must include the willingness to depend on one another; a commitment to openness and empowerment; and the dedication to all of the many constituencies that a growth-oriented company in fast-changing markets must depend on.